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More Finance Activities

June 8, 2022

After we have gained some understanding of government supports (covered in our 6/1/2022 blog), we want to start learning about basic budgeting and saving.  This is the same for everyone regardless of where the income comes from or ability level.  We all have to budget whether we like it or not if we want to be in control of our money.  Some individuals may budget all of their funds and expenses while others may just budget spending money for a day or week.  Some may have income from government sources and paid employment while other may have just paid employment or just government or other sources.  The concepts are the same regardless of your sources of income or expenses.  Because providers may have a different level of understanding of budgeting and YouTube is a free source of information, we use YouTube videos to augment instruction.  Maintaining a list of reliable finance videos is important.  We don’t want videos that spread misinformation, are no longer available on YouTube or offer advanced instruction that might not be understood.  We also want to provide the information in a format that appeals to the individual, so we have separated our sample video list below into animated videos and vlogs.  These videos are just examples.  There are thousands of videos online with content changing everyday so you should always be able to find something.  After the video, it is important to apply the concepts through writing budgets or savings plans.  There are many sources for those online as well.  With budgeting there is no one “right way” to do it, it is just important that you do it.

Animated Format:

Crash Course - Basic Concepts of Personal Finance: Easy Peasy Finance for Kids and Beginners

It's a Money Thing - Budgeting Basics (SchoolsFirst FCU)

A lesson on responsible saving for kids - Smartkids


Vlog Format:

EASIEST Way To SAVE Money In 2021 | How To Save Money FAST And EASY!

 How To Budget And Save in Your 20's | Tips and Tricks