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Wellness, even at the holidays!

Dec. 14, 2022

It is the middle of December all ready and the holidays are in full swing. This is the time to remember to maintain our wellness routines that sometimes get pushed aside with all of the holiday activities. Maintaining wellness through the holidays is a challenge for everyone regardless of ability level. It is important for caregivers, families and individuals with disabilities to take care of themselves this time of year. Everyone can benefit from implementing some of the tips below:

• Don’t skip meals, start each day with breakfast, prioritize getting enough sleep.

• Maintain healthy food choices by eating in, seeking out veggie and fruit trays or salad at group dinners.

• Stay physically active by doing physical activities with family and friends such as taking a walk after group dinners, playing sports in the yard, going ice skating or swimming, taking the stairs and intentionally parking further from destinations.

• Be aware of activities that might trigger anxious feelings and be intentional when selecting activities. Always have an escape route and monitor your feelings to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

• Stop throughout your day to take a few deep breaths.

• Verbalize something you are grateful for each day and ask those you serve to do the same.

• If you have an “off” day, start again the next day without guilt or bad feelings.