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Personal Daily Living - Cleaning the Bathroom

July 27, 2022

If 1 in 3 people dread doing the dishes, we can only imagine how many people dread cleaning the bathroom. I know it is one of my least favorite jobs. There are so many things in the bathroom that need cleaned that you don’t want to touch. The high level of humidity and relative darkness make it a breeding ground for nasty things to take hold. We find that it is the room in the house that needs cleaned most often. If there is more than one individual living in the home, it needs checked after every shift in order to keep it clean and safe. “How To Clean a Toilet in 3 Minutes” helps to remind everyone that cleaning does not need to take a long time to be effective. Videos are even more important for this task as staff and those we serve will likely have different bathroom cleaning experiences and routines. Videos can help everyone learn and set expectations for what it means to have a clean bathroom. They also help make one of the most unpleasant daily living skills a lot faster and more efficient. Here are a few of the bathroom cleaning videos we have found helpful: - How to Clean A Bathroom: The Best Bathroom Cleaning Tutorial! (Clean My Space) - How To Clean A Toilet in 3 Minutes! (Clean My Space) - Adult Daily Living Skills: Cleaning your Bathroom -Cleaning the Bathroom - Daily Living Skills – How to Clean Your Bathroom in 5 Minutes! – CLEAN LIKE A PRO: Cleaning the Toilet! - How I Speed Clean My Bathroom in 15 Minutes or Less! + Cleaning Tips & Hacks – How to Clean a Bathtub or Shower! (Easy Bathroom Cleaning Routine) – How To Clean Your Bathroom! My Bathroom Cleaning Routine