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Personal Daily Living - Vacuuming

July 13, 2022

We are going to attack Personal Daily Living skills in the same way they should be addressed in real life – one task at a time.  This may seem too simplified, but once broken down, it becomes apparent that these tasks are very complex.  We will begin with vacuuming.  A quick internet search will show that most people can expect to spend 61-69 days of their life vacuuming.  That is a lot of time if you struggle with the skill or don’t know how to do it efficiently.  Most of us have been vacuuming so long, we don’t even think about the steps of the process involved.  This can make it hard to break down into easy steps that can be taught.  The examples of basic videos below can be used to teach those we serve this skill or to teach staff how to break it down into smaller steps.  They can help to give staff a new teaching skill and give those we serve a new Personal Daily Living skill.  The more advanced videos are examples of videos that can be used to teach both staff and those we serve how to be more efficient and skilled at vacuuming.  Watching some of the example videos below, you might be surprised by what you don’t know or implement in your vacuuming routine.

Basic: – How to Vacuum! Life Skills with Cheryl – How to Vacuum the Carpet - Life Skills with Mr.Joe: Episode 1 (How to use a Vacuum)


Advanced: - 5 Vacuuming Tips that SUCK! (AKA Learn how to Vacuum!) Easy Vacuuming Ideas (Clean My Space) - Vacuuming Carpet | Tips the Pros Use for the Cleanest Floor -How to properly vacuum carpet