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Social and Recreational - Vacations and Travel

May 25, 2022

There was a time when travel and vacations were thought of as something reserved for the wealthy, but now experts agree that “time away” is important to maintaining a well-balanced life.  It is unusual for an agency serving those with disabilities to consider travel and vacations part of their programming.  However, Ability Matters believes that individuals with disabilities benefit from the same activities that benefit their non-disabled peers.  While it takes a lot more planning and staffing to travel successfully with individuals with behavioral issues, the benefits far outweigh the effort.  We have found that offering shorter trips that last a few days and are only a few hours from home, is a good way to introduce individuals with less travel experience and their families to travel opportunities.  Being a few hours from central Ohio, cabins in Hocking Hills State Park and villas at Kalahari Indoor Waterpark are good options that the individuals we serve enjoy for shorter, closer vacations.  In addition to these options, we strive to offer one 7-10 day trip each year that is further from home.  Some of our favorite vacation destinations are:

Disneyland, Orlando, Florida

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

New Orleans, Louisiana

Destin, Florida

 We have also found success with international cruises to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and through Central America.  We find cruises make international travel easier by offering a home base that remains the same throughout the trip.  Having the consistency of staying in the same room and eating in the same places can help individuals who like their routine venture beyond their own country successfully.